2014 ICCo/SP-Arte Award

The second edition of the ICCo/SP-Arte Award, which annually selects artists represented by galleries participating in SP-Arte, chose artists Alexandre Brandão, from Galeria Leme, and Bruno Cançado, from AM Galeria de Arte, to receive international artistic residency grants.

Residency Unlimited (RU), located in New York, received Alexandre Brandão for two months in the second half of 2014; Bruno Cançado traveled to the Cerveira Biennial Foundation, in the city of Cerveira, Portugal.

Besides the organization of residencies and monitoring of artists, ICCo also organized a panel on “artistic residency and the expansion of space and time in the creative process,” presented at the auditorium during SP-Arte, with the presence of artists Marcia Xavier and Rodrigo Braga, winners of the 2013 ICCo/SP-Arte Award, who spoke of their residency experiences during the previous year.