Agricultura da Imagem

Rodrigo Braga

With curatorship by Daniel Rangel – artistic director of ICCo – production and communication by the institute and implementation by its major partner, Sesc, “Agricultura da Imagem” brought together works by Rodrigo Braga, the “photographer agriculturist”, that cultivates and constructs his images from previously developed ideas. On display at Sesc Belenzinho, in 2014, were 30 photographs, three videos and a space entitled “installation-cabinet” – featuring drawings, books, maps and objects related to Braga’s artistic process.

All the works were done in three Brazilian states that are viscerally connected to the artist’s life: Amazonas, Pernambuco and Rio de Janeiro. Rodrigo explored the visuality, biomes and cultures of the Amazon rainforest, beaches and semiarid regions of Pernambuco and the Atlantic Rainforest of Rio de Janeiro to create images and actions presented to the public for the first time.