Poiesis in Praxis

Tunga e Lenora de Barros

The third edition of the project, ICCo’s cultural action that annually takes works by Brazilian contemporary artists to New York, presented works by Tunga and Lenora de Barros. If, in 2012, the project proposed a dialogue between performance and video and, in its second edition, between performance and music, its third edition, Poiesis in Praxis, had performance and poetry as its main elements.
Despite both artists being internationally known, the intention was to present works that were unknown to the public.  So, Tunga, an artist who uses poetry as a starting point for some of his works, presented the videos Medula, Quimera and Cooking Destricted. Lenora de Barros, whose work is influenced by the semantics of language, produced the performance Pregação, presented at the opening night of the exhibition. “Prego”[preach] and “ação”[action] are the main elements of her noisy performance piece around the word “silence”.
The exhibition was on view at Pioneer Works, the center for art and innovation in Brooklyn, New York. This institution, as well as Clocktower Productions, partnered with ICCo for this project, whose main missions are internationalization and joint work with other institutions.