Horizonte Refletido

17ª Bienal de Cerveira

The cultural activities of ICCo for the internationalization of Brazilian artists and building partnerships with foreign institutions – in this case, the Fundação Bienal de Cerveira, in Portugal – intensified after the exhibition by Marcos Chaves, an artist from Rio de Janeiro, who was invited to attend the 17th Bienal de Cerveira in 2013. “Horizonte Refletido” was an installation of broken glasses, wine stains on the wall and floor, as well as photographs from another installation called “Evento”, in which the Palácio da Aclimação, in Salvador, Bahia, looked as if it had just been hit by a storm.
All of which was accompanied by a soundtrack that was created for the exhibition, with sounds of glass being broken constantly, which played with the imaginations of visitors by making them remember situations of which, in truth, they were never part of. The exhibition, produced by ICCo, gave Marcos Chaves the honorable mention at the opening of the biennial.