Arnaldo Antunes, Fernando Laszlo e Walter Silveira

Originating from the Greek vocabulary, the word photography means “writing with light”. For many, it also means “poetry of image”. The artists Arnaldo Antunes, Fernando Laszlo and Walter Silveira prefer to literally merge the two concepts, resulting in “poetry written with light.” This concept was translated by them in over thirty works, brought together in the exhibition “Luzescrita”, with curatorship, production and communication by ICCo, with CAIXA Cultural and the Brazilian Government as the institute’s partners in this cultural action.
Materials such as gunpowder, lamps and metal are used by the artistic trio to produce photographs, videos, objects and installations that integrate the exhibition. The works, conceived from poems by Arnaldo Antunes and Walter Silveira, have light as their protagonist: sun, fire, lamps, projectors and flares are used to write and give shapes to words.
The exhibitions produced by ICCo took place in Rio de Janeiro (2013) and Brasilia (2014). Before that, it happened in Salvador (2010), Curitiba (2011) and Vila Nova de Cerveira, in Portugal (2011).