Ana Maria Tavares

The relation between natural landscape and a built environment is a theme dear to Ana Maria Tavares’ work and could not be left out of her individual exhibition at Paço das Artes in São Paulo. The exhibition ‘Tautorama’, in 2013, was an intervention in which the artist removed the panels that delimit the museum’s exhibition space and separate it from the woods behind the building. Ana Maria intended to not only shed light onto that which was concealed but also to provoke a reflection on the museum space that, this time, was part of the work.
The exhibition was an achievement of ICCo, responsible for all the administration, curatorial support, executive production and communication, together with Paço das Artes and the state of São Paulo, aiming to generate content jointly – an important mission of ICCo.
Through its title, the exhibition claimed that the inner landscape of the museum would be the same as its outer, although more mechanized – ‘Tautorama’ was the word created by the artist that unites tautology, the repetition of  the same thought expressed in different ways, with hórama, Greek word meaning spectacle.