Oca, São Paulo

In order to carry out a large-scale contemporary African art exhibition at Oca in Ibirapuera Park, ICCo partnered up with Sindika Dokolo Foundation, a central figure in the dissemination of African art. The exhibition is part of the internationalization strategy that the institute has as one of its top priorities. “Transit_SP” brings together 35 works which include installations, paintings, photography, sculptures and videos, by 19 artists from eight African countries, as well as one American and two Europeans. The selection, from a collection of more than a thousand works, brought together recent and historical productions that represent the rich and diverse contemporary artistic production in Africa and demystify a possible reductionist view of the art from that continent.
Curated by Daniel Rangel, artistic director of ICCo, and Fernando Alvim from Angola, “Transit_SP” – of which the ICCo was also in charge of funding, production and communication – presented works by internationally renowned artists like William Kentridge from South Africa, Edson Chagas from Angola and Nick Cave from the United States, whose works directly relate to the African diaspora.